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  • Three questions every strategic plan should answer - It does sound somewhat counterintuitive, but often the most effective strategic plans that lead to truly high growth only need the answers to three basic questions. They can be your most effective business tools. At first glance, it would seem a strategic plan should be somewhat complex and highly analytical, but that may not be […]
  • The secret sauce of great leadership - Having a significant amount of information about your situation is always helpful. Being able to breakdown the boundaries that have encumbered your thinking is truly useful. And possessing the exact right education in your market area is excellent. However, none of these is going to make you a great leader because that requires some personal […]
  • 4 harsh truths that will improve your business immediately - We all know that growing a successful business is hard work and at times, that success is elusive to even the most successful. One reason this occurs is because life can be hard and problems are unavoidable. The road is long and often twisty so we all have to do what we have to do. […]