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  • Three Skills Every Leader Needs, and Why - There are three essential skills that every successful leader has learned how to leverage. Although they are quite elementary, even basic, they are critically important to know how to put to good use to lead and grow an organization: Knowledge Skills (Know) – How much do you know about your organization, your team, your marketplace, your […]
  • What Elevation Do You Work and Lead At? - How The Six Horizons Of Work Relate To Personal Leadership And Management After decades of coaching many CEOs and senior leaders I’ve learned there is one skill that truly separates a good versus a great leader and it has to do with where they spend most of their thinking time. We all tend to spend […]
  • Three Questions Every Strategist Needs To Answer - Many companies strategize so much of the time they don’t even realize they’re doing it. Other companies don’t pause nearly enough to organize their thinking. Both have something in common however, and that’s the strategy cycle. The strategy cycle usually starts with someone in the organization identifying a trend that people haven’t recognized before. Often […]