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  • Three Quick Ways To Kill A World-Class Strategy -   Many leaders of companies – especially if they’re the founders – have a never-ending desire to stay ahead. They love the thought of winning, and likewise hate the thought of losing. These are terrific positive leadership qualities and we strongly support them. The problem, however, is leaders often continue to use the strategy that […]
  • 5 Things Every Great Leader Does -   Having a significant amount of information about your situation is always helpful. Being able to breakdown the boundaries that have encumbered your thinking is truly useful. And possessing the exact right education in your market area is excellent. However, none of these will make you a great leader because that requires some personal strength […]
  • The Bigger Your Data Gets The Smarter It Needs To Become -   Big data is overwhelming when you really stop to take a look at it. Consider these figures reported by Internet Live Stats as of the time writing this blog: Internet Users in the world: 3,648,241,344 Total number of Websites: 1,201,555,143 Daily Emails sent: 102,208,678,154 Blog posts written each day: 2,151,251 Tweets sent each day: […]