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How discovery drives innovation.

As with all businesses and industries, reliable strategic assessment and growth planning is at the heart of the most successful organizations. The best organizations understand the need to continue improving, innovating, and delivering excellent customer service. That’s because the marketplace in all market sectors – Business, Education, Nonprofit, Churches – are going through a major transition in response to the new demands and needs of the new economy. We’ve taken all of these factors into consideration to bring you the most effective strategic planning tool. SmartPlan360˚ helps you discover what is inhibiting your growth and how to accelerate it.


Best practices for the best business.

SmartPlan360˚ meets the exacting strategy needs of business leaders who seek a strong growth strategy to implement at their regional, national or global organizations. You know that technology (software, social networking and the use of new devices) has taken over as a marketing force. It is driving products and services, and has become an internal factor in determining the productivity and profitability of all businesses. Patterned after Malcolm Baldrige’s National Quality Award (MBNQA), SmartPlan360˚ provides you with the business market intelligence you need to make effective strategic decisions that drive growth and profitability.


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. –Nelson Mandela

That’s why we wanted to give you our most powerful strategic planning tool: SmartPlan360˚ helps you identify specific areas of growth in your educational institution and assists you achieve mission-critical objectives. This is accomplished by providing you with a means of tracking outcomes and identifying hidden conflicts inhibiting growth. Using feedback from your employees, customers, vendors, and associated industry leaders, SmartPlan360˚ quickly discovers areas that can be immediately improved. By identifying hidden internal and customer-based sales leverage points, SmartPlan360˚ creates a practical, measurable plan that can be used by your entire team on a daily basis.


Changes in the marketplace change how nonprofit organizations must do business.

Today’s marketplace realities are both exciting and challenging for nonprofit organizations. That’s because nonprofits can no longer operate within their own cocoon. Those that are able to respond and adapt to the new market forces will become even more successful. Sadly, those that do not evolve with the marketplace often experience declines in funding and membership support. Maintaining and building high market relevance is top of mind for nonprofit leaders, and SmartPlan360˚ helps them discover the best ways they can accomplish their objectives.


Because you care, you share.

Churches are also impacted by what the business marketplace is going through. A major transition in response to the demands and needs of people living in this new economy is shaping how people relate to church, their faith, and a host of other social issues. As with any organization, building engagement among staff and members is paramount to a healthy church. But what is the best way to go about accomplishing this? Churches that truly understand those they serve, what they truly feel and need, are those that are able to respond and adapt with powerful strategies that build healthy churches at their single or multi-site locations. The SmartPlan360˚ engine drives our unique product for church leaders, the 360˚ Church Program™. Using unique values and cultural inputs, 360˚ Church Program delivers an understanding of perception gaps, cultural impacts, and a wide variety of insights that provide senior leaders with the kind of strategic intelligence that businesses have had available to them for years.

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