Our Approach

Incredibly powerful. By design.

When we designed SmartPlan360˚, we started from our research of over 500 organizations to uncover the conflicts and opportunities that impact both your top and bottom line. That gave us the ability to design something that is both powerful and simple to use. And something entirely different than all other strategic planning systems. A strategy tool driven by three, 360˚ assessments that quickly produces quantitative data that gives you the confidence to make powerful decisions to build your organization.

Online Assessment

We bring structure so you can focus on growth.

Powered by an advanced algorithm, SmartPlan360˚ identifies and graphically presents impactful keys. Using these keys, strategies appear that unlock the most direct route to accomplishing your objectives. Rather than bombarding you with endless facts and figures, SmartPlan360˚ provides you with simple to use hot spots of Green for great, Yellow for needs improvement, and Red for trouble. You will find SmartPlan360˚ quick, effective and powerful.


A whole new level of team building.

SmartPlan360˚ provides your entire team with a Project Runway that graphically presents the strategic initiatives that need to be produced in priority-ranked order. Projects and priorities are selected based upon your organizational and market analysis results. This approach provides you with a Project Runway that you and your team can use daily to drive significant growth to your top and bottom line.


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